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Local Committees

The selection of members to committees for the 2015-16, and 2016-17 school years is now complete. Our committees address areas of specific need and/or interest to members. Being a committee member gives teachers an opportunity to work for colleagues and to meet teachers from around the Board.

Committees meet approximately three times during the year. Meetings are usually held at the Unit office during the school day with release.  Mileage is paid from a teacher’s school to the Unit office, return. Members of each committee are selected by the Executive from among the applications received. The Executive makes every effort to select committee members so that representation is balanced both regionally and by panel.


Professional Development Committee
To assess the professional development program/activity needs of our members; to assist in developing a plan to fulfill these needs; to promote professional development/wellness opportunities within our Unit.

Members: Julie Coligan, Chris Beacom, Marcy Barrett, Natalie Trottier

Political Action Committee
To promote the teaching profession and Catholic education; to inform teachers of trustee and local political candidate’s philosophies related to education in trustee and political elections.

Dormant at this time.

Collective Bargaining Committee
To conduct a survey of the membership to inform local bargaining priorities for the next round of negotiations, and to use this as a basis for an initial proposal.

Members: Kristy Tait-Angel, Garry Curtis, Jim Roy, Chris Beacom, Marcy Barrett, Louise LeClair, Mike Hamilton

Elementary Staffing Committee
Responsible for analyzing elementary staffing data, monitoring compliance with various elementary panel Central and Local Collective Agreement articles, and advising the Unit representatives to the Joint Board Staffing Committee.

Members:  Garry Curtis, Janice Thibault-Page, Debbie Rutherford, Trish Wouters, Julie Coligan

Secondary Staffing Committee
Responsible for analyzing and advising on secondary staffing and workload issues arising from Central and Local Collective Agreement articles, and Board initiatives. This committee advises on and informs the work of the Unit representatives to the Joint Board Staffing Committee.

Members: Jim Roy, Mireille Lapointe, Norm Evans, Rob D’Alessio, Pat O’Shea


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