OECTA Logo "Recognizing our uniqueness as teachers in Catholic Schools, we are an Association committed to the advancement of Catholic education. As teacher advocates we provide professional services, support, protection and leadership."
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Staff Representatives

The following is a list of staff
representatives for 2017– 2018.

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Staff Rep School      Phone     Fax    
Rachel Labelle-Cousineau Bishop Macdonell CS
300 Adolphus Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 3S6
933-6739 933-1310
Corey Kalsi
CDSBEO – Central Office
2755 Highway #43
Kemptville, Ontario
K0G 1J0
258-7757 258-7134
Corey Kalsi CDSBEO – Eastern Office
835 Campbell Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 5S8
933-1720 933-7027
Stephanie Hutton Cornwall Bd. Office-
Turning Points
Joanne Demers Child & Family Treatment
Cornwall General Hospital
P.O. Box 716
Cornwall, Ont.
K6H 5T5
938-8723 938-8923
Debbie Rutherford Holy Cross CS
P.O. Box 250,
521 Clothier St.W.
Kemptville, Ontario
K0G 1J0
258-7457 258-9867
Patrick O’Shea (Secondary)

Pam Lockhart (Intermediate)
Holy Trinity Second School
18044 Tyotown Rd.,
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 5R5
936-0319 936-0663
Lucie Dods Holy Name of Mary CS
Box 789
110 Paterson St.
Almonte, Ontario
K0A 1A0
256-2532 256-0899
Stephanie Walker-Jolly Immaculate Conception CS
600 McConnell Avenue
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 4M1
932-3455 932-5573
Melissa Roy Iona Academy CS
20019 King’s Road
Williamstown, Ontario
K0C 2J0
347-3518 347-1510
Sheila Fraser J.L. Jordan CS
294 First Avenue
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 3B9
342-7711 342-6474
Jennifer Toye Mother Teresa CS
1035 Concession Street
Russell, Ontario
K4R 1C7
Mark Melville (Secondary)
Notre Dame CS
157 McKenzie Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
K7C 4P2
253-4700 253-5544
Julie Borer
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School
Box 428
52 Dickinson
Ingleside, Ontario
K0C 1M0
537-2556 537-8540
TinaLafleur Pope John Paul II CS
3818 Legault Road
Hammond, Ontario
K0A 2A0

Lana Nolan

Sacred Heart CS
Box 164
134 North Street
Lanark, Ontario
K0G 1K0
259-2113 259-5343
John  van Loenen
Sacred Heart CS
1424 Aubin Avenue
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 4S2
933-3337 933-0623
Josee Lemieux-Bailey

St. Andrew’s CS
Box 40
17283 Post Road
St. Andrew’s
West, Ontario
K0C 2A0
932-6592 932-2763
Kelly Gabri St. Anne’s CS
607 Surgenor Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 2H5
933-4615 933-7982
Judy Legault St. Columban’s CS
323 Augustus Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 3W4
933-3113 933-9531
Laura Deeves St. Edward CS
Box 309
51 Bedford Street
Westport, Ontario
K0G 1X0
273-2926 273-2636
Traci Tooke

St. Finnan CS
220 Main Street
Alexandria, Ontario
K0C 1A0
525-4274 525-4276
Meagan Stanistreet
St. Francis de Sales CS
43 Russell Street East
Smiths Falls, Ontario
K7A 1G2
283-6101 283-4976
Colleen Donovan St. Francis Xavier CS
74 Church St.
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 3X6
342-0510 342-7313

Louise LeClair (Secondary)
Melissa Ricci (Intermediate)

St. Francis Xavier CHS
Box 159
1235 Russell Road
Hammond, Ontario
K0A 2A0
Christa Killeen-Darou St. Gregory CS
176 Townline Rd. W.
Carleton Place, Ontario
K7C 3P7
257-8468 257-1336
Kristy Tait-Angel St. James CS
5 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, Ontario
K7A 3Z9
283-1848 283-6976
Natalie O’Grady St. John Bosco CS
12 Durham Street
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 7A4
498-0656 498-2610
Mireille LaPointe (Secondary)
Angie McCaw (Intermediate)
St. John CHS
2066 Scotch Line Rd.
Perth, Ontario
K7H 3C5
267-4724 267-1890
Melanie O’Neil St. John Elementary CS
34 Wilson Street East
Perth, Ontario
K7H 1L6
267-2865 267-6631
Julie Marshall St. Joseph CS
80 County Rd.
1 Main Street
Toledo, Ontario
K0E 1Y0
275-2353 275-1452
Chris Shannon
St. Joseph CS
235 Georgiana Street
Gananoque, Ontario
K7G 1M9
382-2361 382-2924
Julie Coligan

St. Mark CS
RR#4 420 McAuley Rd.
Prescott, Ontario
K0E 1T0
925-4342 925-0512
Casey Leger
Francis Harrison
St. Joseph’s Sec. School
1500A Cumberland Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6J 5V9
932-0349 936-0419
Terry Horton St. Jude CS
5355 Highway 34
Vankleek Hill, Ontario
K0B 1R0
678-5455 678-5452
Angela Peirman
St. Luke CHS
4 Ross Street
Smiths Falls, Ontario
K7A 4L5
283-4477 283-7622
Kylee Amell

St. Matthew Catholic Learning Centre
822 Marlborough St. N.
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 4B4
930-9928 932-2887
James Roy
Denise McCabe
St. Mary CS/CHS
40 Central Avenue Brockville, Ontario
K6V 4N5
342-4911 342-2971
Janice Thibeault-Page St. Mary CS
4 Hawthorne Avenue
Carleton Place, Ontario
K7C 3A9
257-1538 257-1960
Jennifer Ganter St. Mary CS
Box 429
37 Main Street
Chesterville, Ontario
K0C 1H0
448-2158 448-2740
Trish Wouters St.Mary/St.Cecilia CS
40 Augusta Street
Morrisburg, Ontario
K0C 1X0
543-2907 543-4048
Chantal Ayotte (Intermediate) St. Michael CHS
2755 Highway # 43
Kemptville, Ontario
K0G 1J0
258-7232 258-3527
Garry Curtis St. Patrick CS
1001 Heritage Drive
Rockland, Ontario
K4K 1R2
Thomas Leroux St. Peter’s CS
1811 Second Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 6P1
933-1007 933-5584
Ron D’Alessio
Chris Beacom
St. Thomas Aquinas CSS
1211 South Russell Rd.
Russell, Ontario
K4R 1E5
445-0810 445-1520
Last Updated November 8, 2017