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Professional Development Fund Policy

ABQ/AQ/University/College Courses

Policy regarding the distribution of PD funds for individual member professional development.

  1. $9,600 has been budgeted for assisting members in the area of individual professional development including ABQ/AQ/University/College courses taken during the current school year.  Summer courses will also be considered.  Any member of the unit may be granted an amount up to $200 to take an ABQ/AQ/University/College course, with a maximum of $800 being distributed monthly, including July and August.  (Monies not allocated each month will carry over to the next month.)

    1. Such funding will be limited to one PD grant per teacher per year for either attending a Conference/Workshop or taking an ABQ/AQ/University/College course.
    2. Applications must include proof of; a) Course registration b) Course payment c) Course completion.
    3. Submit
      a) completed application form (see website for form)
      b) proof of Course Registration, Course Payment and Course Completion.
    4. Receipts must be submitted to receive payment.
    5. Only applications for courses ending in the current school year, by June 30th, will be considered.  Courses ending on or after July 1 will be considered for the following budgetary year.

  2. Where requests for PD funds in any given month exceed the number of PD funds available, selection of applications shall take place as follows:
    1. Applicants who have not previously been granted funding will take priority over previous recipients of funding.
    2. If all other criteria are the same, first come, first served basis will prevail.

  3. On an bi-annual basis –at the Executive meetings in January and June – all complete applications that were denied will be reviewed and reassessed contingent upon surplus PD funds.  Applications that were submitted before the deadline will be given priority.

  4. Following Executive approval, the member will receive an approval letter and an expense claim form.  Those not approved will also receive a letter.

Updated Nov. 26, 2015


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