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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Monday, June 2, 2014

Elementary Assessment Days

Any elementary teachers doing assessments from the Board-approved assessment calendar are entitled to a half day of release time with an Occasional Teacher replacement in order to conduct and mark the assessment. Teachers who do assessments for two different classes have access to two half days in order to conduct the assessments. The School Board is in agreement with the continuation of this practice as all funds have not yet been expended for this purpose.

OECTA Summer Institutes

OECTA is holding three-day summer institutes in the areas of mathematics and technology. The institutes are funded by the Ministry of Education with only a fee of $30 to cover lunch and break refreshments. A travel subsidy will be provided. Institutes in our vicinity are being offered in Ottawa and Algonquin-Lakeshore. Registration is now open and closes June 9, on a first come-first-served basis, on-line at www.oecta.on.ca .


25 teachers with a combined FTE of 17.34 were declared redundant by the School Board on May 15th, effective as of the end of this school year. This despite a high number of known retirements – 20 at this time. The reasons cited for this number of redundancies by the School Board are many-fold. Those reasons include: a decline of enrolment of 143 students; teachers returning from leave who had not been replaced; a decline in the complement of consultants; fewer teachers required to staff Full Day Kindergarten (26:1), versus Everyday Kindergarten (20:1) at several sites; a 5% projected decline in second semester in secondary schools (which is consistent historically versus the 3% that is usually projected); additionally, system-wide, the Special Education department is reducing the number of SERT teachers by four. Meanwhile, the Board’s Grants for Student Needs (GSN’s) are increasing from $67,721,830 in 2013-14, to $68,092,864 for 2014-15. On top of redundancies, 16.89 teachers were declared surplus and 16.5 transfer requests were granted.

Attendance Incentive Program (Shared Savings Incentive, or SSI)

Just a reminder that teachers who use less than six sick leave days this year will be reimbursed one unpaid leave day. (The six days are pro-rated for those teachers who have less than a 1.0 FTE.) Those teachers who qualify, will not see a deduction for the March unpaid day on their July 17th pay.

Provincial Bargaining

Though Bill 122, The School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, was proclaimed on April 24th, little by way of Provincial Bargaining is expected to take place given that the government has been dissolved for the election. The first stage of Provincial Bargaining, once it does commence, will involve agreeing to those issues that will be addressed at a central table, versus those that will be bargained locally. If you have not yet submitted to our Unit office your personal email that will enable you to vote on provincial bargaining and receive strike pay in the event of provincial strike action, you should do so promptly. Where two teachers are married and share a personal email account we encourage you to open a second email account as only one vote per account will be able to be cast.

Provincial Election

The Provincial Election is only 10 days away. Advance voting stations are now open. Be sure to vote!! Polls have the Liberals and Conservatives very close, and the outcome will depend a lot on who is more successful in “getting their vote out”. Locally we have endorsed Grant Crack in the Glengary
Prescott-Russell riding. He needs our support in order to stave off the last of our non-Conservative ridings from turning PC. Monetary donations can be made to his campaign at: https://contribute.ontarioliberal.ca/Home/Donate?SS=1&EDID=9026. He could really use volunteers as well. OECTA will help release teachers interested in volunteering in his campaign. This offer applies to permanent and occasional teachers alike. Or volunteer on your own time: Grant could use canvassers and help on e-day is crucial. Remember to have conversations with your family, friends and neighbours regarding what’s at stake in this election. Our “Speak for Children” emailings will keep you up to date with party platforms. Let us know what you are doing in your school/ riding, and don’t forget to “like” the OECTA “Speak for Children” facebook page!

New Unit Office

Renovations on the new Eastern OECTA Unit office at 33 Somerville, in Kemptville are progressing well. Our move to the new location is planned for June 23rd. We will let you know how best to reach us during the transition.

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