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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dale Fobert Appointed Unit Vice-President

A special meeting of the Executive was convened yesterday afternoon to fill the vacancy at the position of  Vice President and release officer. As was announced at the staff rep in-service last week, Marilies Rettig, Unit President will be leaving the Unit to assume the position of Deputy General Secretary with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

Our Unit Constitution and the Provincial Handbook outlines the process by which vacancies are filled at the level of Unit President and Vice President.   As per our Constitution and By-laws, Vice President Barb Dobrowolski assumes the position of Unit President for the remainder of the term. The Unit Executive has the authority and responsibility to elect an individual who will assume the vacancy at the Vice President level. Dale Fobert, who has been a member of the Executive for seven years and Unit Treasurer for four years, was elected Vice President by the Executive.

Our Constitution also provides a CEO position to ensure representation of both the elementary and secondary panels within our joint Unit. If there is a Unit President from the elementary panel, a secondary CEO will be elected. To that end, the Executive elected Mireille LaPointe as Secondary CEO for the remainder of the two year term.

There are two vacancies on the Executive, one is the position of Treasurer and Councillor from Lanark, Leeds and Grenville. The Executive will fill both of these vacancies in the coming weeks.   

AGM Delegates

There is still one space available for any teacher who would like to attend the OECTA Annual General Meeting on March 8th through 10th in Toronto.  Please contact the unit office by Friday if you are interested.  It is always an enlightening experience- an opportunity to get a bit more involved in the workings of the Association and to get to know teachers and issues from across the province.


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