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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Wednesday, March 24, 2004

AGM 2004

This year, OECTA celebrates its 60th anniversary. Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy, Nancy Hutcheson, of the OCT Governing Council, OTF President Yvan Roy, and CTF President Winston Carter addressed the assembly during the weekend. The Minister spoke about his government’s goal of seeking input from groups representing education on developing an education policy that brings positive change. He spoke about the end of PLPs, the government’s look at aspects of teacher training, in particular considering the restoration of PD days, and stated that the Liberals are not planning wage freezes.

Provincial Executive

Donna Marie Kennedy was elected Provincial President at the 2003 AGM. In July she will begin the second year of her two-year term. The remaining Provincial Executive positions are one-year terms. The candidates for First, Second and Third Vice Presidents, along with the treasurer and two councillors were acclaimed.

The following are our representatives in Toronto for the 2004-05 school year: First-Vice Elaine Mac Neil from Algonquin-Lakeshore; Second-Vice Reno Melatti from Windsor-Essex Secondary; Third-Vice James Ryan from Toronto Elementary; Treasurer Chris Karuhanga from St. Clair Elementary; Councillors Sonia Di Petta, Toronto Occasionals and Rene Jansen in de Wal, Toronto Secondary.

Elected for OTF Board of Governors were Marnie Daly, Durham Elementary; Bill Doyle, Toronto Secondary; Ann Murphy, Dufferin-Peel Secondary; George Saranchuk, Niagara Occasionals; and Terri Taggart, Toronto Elementary.

Elected OTF Table Officer was George Saranchuk.

These individuals are very knowledgeable, each bringing their strengths and experience to the table whether meeting with the Minister of Education, discussing the future of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan through OTF, or dealing with the myriad of issues that face us as teachers every day.

The fee debate focused on serving the needs of members. The fee will remain at $890. The $840 fee increased by $50 for two years to support political action needed before and during the Provincial Election campaign. We were successful in affecting a change in government through the hard work of our members across Ontario. We must continue discussions with the Liberals to ensure education remains a priority. Staff in Collective Bargaining and Contract Management will be vital this year since all teacher contracts in the province end August 31, 2004 and need to be renegotiated. The number of allegations against teachers, and therefore the costs for defense, are rising. $10 of the $50 will go to the Political Action Fund and $15 will be placed in the Legal Defense Fund.

Highlights from AGM 2004, including other resolutions that were passed, can be found on the Provincial website.Follow: www.oecta.on.ca
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Thanks to the delegates who attended AGM, and thanks to all who gave input on the resolutions before the AGM.

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