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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Thursday, August 28, 2008


Welcome Back!

The summer seems to have quickly flown by and here we are once again preparing for a new school year! We hope that everyone had a restful and enjoyable holiday and we wish you well in the coming weeks.  As was the case last year, we will be issuing Eastern Updates on a regular basis to inform you of issues as they arise and to provide other pertinent information. It is our hope, this year, to be able to email you directly with these updates.  To that end, Staff Reps will be asked to collect your personal email addresses, so that we can communicate with you more effectively.

Contractual Rights –  Working Conditions

As outlined in our contract all teachers have the right to:

Elementary Teachers - 200 minutes prep time per week. This year there is no extra preparation and planning time designated through Professional Activity Days, early dismissal days or Personal Professional Development Days for report cards.  Weekly supervision, according to the contract, is to be 100 minutes per week, averaged over 2 weeks, with no more than 150 minutes in any one week.  This is the same as last year.  As you should be aware, there is an outstanding grievance over Elementary Supervision that is currently in arbitration, as not every school has complied with this provision.  That may continue to be the case this year, until a new agreement is ratified or the grievance is settled.
Secondary Teachers -  6 credit instructional load with 48 – half periods totalling 1800 minutes for on-calls or supervision for the year – excluding bus duty.

Lunch - 40 consecutive minutes for lunch each day for all teachers. 

Ensure you realize these working conditions. A right given up by one teacher is a right that can be denied to all. Contact the Unit Office if you have any questions about these or any other contractual issues.  

Staff Reps: Please contact the Unit Office to let us know the name of the individual who will be the staff rep for your school for the coming year. The Staff Rep in-service is scheduled for September 30, 2008. We will send out a notice to confirm the agenda, time and location.


Upcoming Meeting Dates:         

Staff Rep In-service: September 30th, 2008
Executive Meeting:    September 30th, 2008


We are currently negotiating a new contract with the Board.  (No, contrary to rumours out there, we are not threatening any sort of strike action.)  Our scheduled collective bargaining dates are as follows:  September 10, 11, 17, 18, October 16, 29, 30, and November 12, 13.  Local negotiations are taking place in the context of the Provincial Framework that was agreed to between OECTA and the Province.  We will update you on progress in negotiations as they unfold.  Occasional Teacher bargaining begins on October 15th, with further dates to be scheduled.  The plan is to have both regular teacher and occasional teacher bargaining wrapped up by November 30th.


Salaries have increased by 0.7% as per the current collective agreement, as of August 31, 2008.  This is on top of any grid increases to which you may be entitled.  It is our hope, of course, to realize a further retroactive increase through negotiations.

Who is at your Unit Office to serve you?

President: Barb Dobrowolski
Vice-President: Dale Fobert
Secretary: Sandy Thornton

Phone: 1-888-250-3799    
Fax: 613-258-0842


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