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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcome back to another school year which will be filled with many exciting new possibilities! Summer has passed quickly with the good weather and all the activities that accompany the season - gatherings and outings with family and friends, courses and workshops, travel…. Those who have lost loved ones over the last two months have been in our prayers and will continue to be remembered.

Today there are a few reminders.

  1. Tomorrow is the first PA day for 2006-07. In the elementary panel it is 75% teacher-directed as part of planning and preparation time outlined in the collective agreement. Preparation time has increase from 160 minutes to 180 minutes this year, resulting in one less PPD day. Prep time should be during the instructional day in blocks of no less than 20 minutes. Every effort should be made to provide it daily. (Article 36)
  2. The instructional day for elementary is 300 minutes. (Article 36.01 c and 37.01) For elementary supervision duty, “every reasonable effort to assign teachers up to 100 minutes per week supervision in the aggregate” shall be made. It is to be distributed equitably. Intramurals, extramurals and other such activities (detention/homework room; breakfast program; etc.) are voluntary, and not to be included in the supervision schedule. (Article 37.01-37.03)
  3. Secondary teachers may be assigned a maximum of 48 – half periods, totaling 1800 minutes for the year, for on-calls or supervision or student mentor/student success or combination thereof. An on-call is one-half credit-bearing, instructional or semestered period, with only one to be assigned on any school day, no more than two per week, and no more than five on-calls per month. Bus duty is not part of the 1800 minutes or 48 half period allocation and should be assigned equitably among all teachers. (Article 36.02) Keep a log of your assignments.
  4. Lunch for all teachers is 40 minutes uninterrupted. (Article 42)
    • Have you checked your pay stub to ensure your salary and deductions are correct? (Article 11 p.9)
    • Are you entitled to a change in QECO category as a result of completing a course this summer? (Article 6.05)
    • AQ courses are available locally this fall/winter for $600! Reading Part I in Cornwall, Primary Ed Part I in Brockville, and Special Ed Part I in Kemptville. Religious Education is also available in Kemptville. Check www.oecta.on.ca for information and registration.

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