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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welcome back! Each school year brings its share of challenges and opportunities. Our hope for each of you, for the 2005-06 school year, is that your goals are reached and you
find the time to enjoy the beauty present in each day.


Article 34 - Elementary Working Conditions remains the same for 2005 -06 with 160 minutes preparation time weekly within the pupil instructional day; seventy-five percent of the third PA day in February teacher directed (NOTE: September 1, 2005 is 100% principal directed as these two days alternate on a yearly basis); fifty percent of the November PA day teacher directed; seventy-five percent of the last PA day in June teacher directed; two early dismissals day; and two PPD days with occasional teacher coverage. A memo from the Board outlining this information is in your schools.

Secondary Working Conditions include a “maximum of six credits/credit equivalent courses with a teaching assignment of three credits/credit equivalent courses per semester subject to legislation.”
“All teachers may be assigned a maximum of 48 – half periods, totaling 1800 minutes, for on-calls or supervision or student mentor/student success or combination thereof. An on-call shall be defined as one-half credit-bearing, instructional or semestered period. Only one on-call can be assigned on any school day, with no more than two half period on-calls per week and no more than five on-calls per month.”
“Bus duty before and after the instructional day will not be included in the 1800 minute or 48 half period allocation.”
“The Board shall assign on-calls and supervision duties, including bus duty, on an equitable basis among all teachers.”
For teachers assigned to both panels, the percentage corresponds to the percentage of the assignment in each panel. Part time secondary teachers will have their workload pro-rated. (A copy of the complete article will be sent to each secondary staff rep.)

Teacher Development Fund – The memo and application form for the $512 is in your school. All forms, with receipt(s) totaling $512, should be faxed at 1-613-258-3610, mailed or sent by courier to Karen McDowell at the Central Board Office. Keep a copy of the receipt(s) for your own files. Reimbursement will be a separate deposit and notice from the regular pay, processed monthly starting at the end of September. Receipts must be dated between August 31, 2004 and June 2, 2006.


Permanent and Occasional Teachers

AQ Courses
The OECTA/OCSTA Religious Education course has been approved for our Board for this year. OECTA has also received Ministry approval to deliver the following Additional Qualification courses:
Reading Part I
Special Education Part I
Primary Education Part I.

We have applied, along with the Board, to have these courses offered in Kemptville beginning at the end of September. In order to bring them to our area, there must be a minimum of 20 registrants. To register, go to www.easternoecta.ca and follow the AQ link to the Provincial website.

Workshop – “Be Wary Be Wise; Teachers and Investigations”
This program was developed in 2002 by the Counselling and Member Services Department of OECTA for teachers. It deals with two questions:
How can teachers avoid false allegations?
What should you do if your conduct is under investigation?

Each year, more and more teachers face investigations by the CAS and police, as well as the Ontario College of Teachers, following allegations of abuse.
Horst Schweinbenz, Counselling and Member Services Department Head OECTA will present this workshop at 4:30 p.m. on September 27, 2005 in Kemptville. To register call or e-mail the Unit Office (1-888-250-3799 or easternontariooecta@on.aibn.com).

Our local Unit provides Professional Development funds up to $200 for conferences and workshops (not Ministry or University courses) for teachers. Check the website for details www.easternoecta.ca.
Applications for PD funds for September should be faxed or sent to the Unit Office by
Friday, September 16, 2005.

OECTA Provincial provides bursaries of up to $1000, based on financial need, to individuals who are pursuing postgraduate studies or professional development activities as life long learners. See the OECTA Handbook in your school, or www.oecta.on.ca. (click on Services, then Awards; see Bursaries)

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