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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Back!

We wish you all the best in these first few days of school and hope that you’ve had a wonderful summer holiday and are returning to work well rested! Every new school year brings with it challenges and changes. This year is no exception. Four of our elementary schools are introducing full day kindergarten: St. Joseph’s in Gananoque, St. Francis Xavier in Brockville, Immaculate Conception in Cornwall, and Holy Name of Mary, Almonte. We wish our full-day kindergarten teacher-pioneers all the best as the program starts up, and we look forward to plenty of communication and feedback.

Working conditions are changing as well, in this third year of our four year collective agreement. Below is a list of some of the changes to look out for:

Elementary Preparation and Planning Time 2010-2011

Elementary preparation and planning time is increasing to 220 minutes per week in September. The additional preparation time over 200 minutes per week shall either be aggregated as 40 minutes every second week, or 80 minutes once a month, or it may be attached to a regularly scheduled weekly prep block (i.e. a 60 minute block instead of a 40 minute block.) This additional prep time must be in a reportable strand, thereby taking away from the teaching load of the classroom teacher. The prep teacher shall be responsible for evaluation and reporting of the selected strand. Please inform the unit office if this is not happening at your school.

Elementary Supervision

Elementary supervision is being reduced to 80 minutes per week, on average over two weeks, with no more than 100 minutes in any one week.

Elementary Report Card Days

This year the two PA days that are teacher-directed for the purpose of completing report cards are scheduled for February 4th and May 27th.

Elementary teacher-directed PA Day

The Association’s PD Committee has agreed to combine the two half PA days designated as teacher-directed for classroom related activities such as assessment and evaluation, program development and IEP revision and completion. This day will fall on November 12th to coincide with the completion of progress reports.

Two Formal Elementary Report Cards

This year marks a change from three formal report cards to two at the elementary level. This was done in recognition of the workload issues associated with completing report cards. Formal report cards will now only be issued in February and in June, with a progress report being sent home in November. OECTA lobbied the school board to schedule an early dismissal day for interviews following the progress report in November. The board opted instead to attach an early dismissal day to the first formal report card in February. The total number of evenings for parent-teacher interviews required of teachers shall not increase as a result of these changes to reporting. Please contact the unit office if concerns arise in this area.

Secondary On-calls and Supervision

The number of minutes for on-calls and supervision for the year are being reduced from 1725 minutes to 1650.


Our new benefit enhancements took effect September 1st. Details of the enhancements were sent out to teachers in June. If you have any questions regarding benefits, do not hesitate to call the Unit Office.

Staff Reps

Please contact the Unit Office to let us know the name of the individual who will be the staff rep for your school for the coming year. We will send out a notice soon to confirm the agenda, time and location of the fall Staff Rep in-service. Thank you in advance to all the teachers who have agreed to taking on this important role. You are crucial in ensuring the welfare of your colleagues.

Executive Vacancies

Currently there are two vacancies in the OECTA Unit Executive. Both vacancies are for the position of Councillor for the Prescott-Russell area. If you have an interest in serving in this capacity on the Unit Executive, please contact the Unit Office.

OECTA Leadership Training

2010-2011 marks the second year of the OECTA Leadership Training program. Applications for the Foundational Training Program and the Specialized Training Program must be submitted by September 15th. For further details go to www.oecta.on.ca.

Assessment and Evaluation in Secondary Schools- Call for Writers

OECTA is seeking secondary teachers who are interested in working on a team to write a resource on assessment and evaluation at the secondary level. Please contact the Unit office if you have an interest on serving on this project. Application deadline is September 30th.

Tech Teacher Conference

Tech teachers may be interested in attending a conference in Orillia on October 13-14, titled, Getting It Right for Technological Education- Why Trades Matter. Information and a registration form are attached.


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