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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Monday, September 17, 2012

Understanding Bill 115 and the PPM’s

As you are now aware, Bill 115 was passed and was proclaimed last Tuesday, September 11th. The changes that are being instituted by the Bill and the accompanying regulations are complex, and are generating a great number of questions. This is the first of a series of Eastern Updates that we will be issuing around various aspects of the Bill and the Memorandum of Understanding. It is our hope to answer your many questions through these communications ensuring that everyone is well informed. Please read these updates carefully and share them with your colleagues.


The following language shall be incorporated into every collective agreement:

  1. The Ministry of Education will release a Policy Program Memorandum (PPM) with respect to the effective use of diagnostic assessments.

  2. Boards shall provide a list of pre-approved assessment tools consistent with their Board improvement plan for student achievement and the Ministry PPM.

  3. Teachers shall use their professional judgment to determine which assessment and/or evaluation tool(s) from the Board list of preapproved assessment tools is applicable, for which student(s), as well as the frequency and timing of the tool. In order to inform their instruction, teachers must utilize diagnostic assessment during the school year.

The Board today has issued a memo to principals asking them not to direct teachers to complete any assessments from the board’s assessment calendar at this time, given the legislation, and pending the PPM. Some teachers had been asked, prior to the passing of Bill 115, to complete CAT assessments by the end of September. Teachers are free to apply their own professional judgment to decide which assessment tool(s) is useful in informing their instruction, whether it is CAT or any other from the list. The Memorandum of Understanding is retroactive to September 1st in this respect.

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