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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Monday October 1, 2012

#3 Five Additional Leave Days

The Memorandum of Understanding provides for five additional leave days at 100% of salary for leaves under the collective agreement that previously had been deducted from sick leave. These days will not come out of a teacher’s yearly 10 days of sick leave.

In our collective agreement (19.02 a) our two personal leave days were deducted from sick leave. These will no longer be deducted from our yearly ten sick leave days and will come out of the 5 additional days.

Likewise, in our collective agreement (19.02 d), teachers could use sick leave (in half-days or full days) to keep dental appointments and follow therapeutic treatments, provided appointments could not be obtained outside working hours. Such appointments will now come out of the 5 additional days, and shall no longer be deducted from our yearly ten sick leave days.

Teachers could also be absent for professional or personal reasons with deduction from sick leave, subject to the approval of the Director of Education or his designate. (19.02 e) Such days will also now come out of the five additional days.

Finally, practice in the board was that teachers would access their sick leave days to care for ill family members. This practice is not explicit in our collective agreement, and is being disputed by the board. It is OECTA’s position that care for ill family members would come out of these five additional leave days, in recognition of past practice.


In order to establish the past practice of accessing sick leave to care for family members I need your help from the field. I need specific instances where you used your sick leave to care for an ill family member, where you accessed your sick leave to do so with the knowledge of your administration. This evidence is required to present in the Arbitrated Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism under the MOU. If having the means to care for your ill parents or children or partner is important to you, you need to fill out the attached form and remit it to the Unit office a.s.a.p.

pdf Form


IMPORTANT: It is critical that all teachers track any days of absence and the reasons for the absence. If mistakes are made with regards to how these days are recorded (deduction from sick leave or not), then these records will be vital in recognizing and correcting the mistakes.

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