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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Tuesday October 9, 2007

October 10 - Election Day

Tomorrow October 10 is election day!! It is imperative that we as teachers exercise our right to participate in this provincial election – get out and vote to ensure that we elect a government that will support our Catholic school system. We need to have a government that will continue publicly funded education and afford us with the respect and support that is our due as a profession. We urge all of our members to get out and vote – every vote does make a difference!!

Support for Catholic Education

It appears there is confusion about which government will protect Catholic education. The John Tory plan to fund private, faith-based schools WILL NOT protect Catholic schools, in fact just the opposite. $500 million will come out of our schools. Appended is a letter from Dalton McGuinty to Elaine MacNeil confirming the Liberal’s commitment to Catholic education. A Liberal government will continue to support Catholic education and Catholic schools.


Did you apply to QECO for a category change? Ensure that you submit to the Board proof of receipt from QECO of your application for a revised statement as soon as you receive it. This documentation must be submitted to ensure you are recognized at the new category retroactive to September 1.

LTD Declarations

Just a reminder to Staff Reps that you should by now have received from OTIP a package for teachers at your school to make their triennial LTD Flex Plan option selection. These have to be completed by October 17th.

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