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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Wednesday, October 25, 2006

EARLY DISMISSAL DAY Friday, October 27, 2006

Article 36.01 d) outlines the preparation and planning time for elementary teachers. The two changes from d) are found in e), where weekly prep time has increased from 160 minutes to 180 minutes as of September 2006 and there is only one PPD day this year.

36.01 v) “Commencing in the 2001/2002 school year, the Board will provide the equivalent of one (1) Personal Professional Development day through the scheduling of two (2) early dismissal days.”

The early dismissal days are teacher directed, along with the other days in d) which together equal approximately 200 minutes prep time for elementary teachers. Administrators have been scheduling meetings or in-service on these days even though the days are for teachers to do their own planning and preparation activities. Teachers determine whether or not they accept the “invitations” to attend meetings. Other opportunities for in-service, etc. should be provided.

Some of you may be accessing the PPD day. Again, it is teacher directed. See page 36 of the collective agreement for guidelines.

There are two surveys being conducted under the direction of OECTA. Two are telephone interviews – Elementary Workload Task Force, which began a week ago, and a Membership Audit through Vector Research. The second survey of 500 randomly selected teachers takes place this week. It is to provide information for the Provincial Executive to plan for programming to better serve members.

The updated seniority list dated October 11, 2006 is in your schools. To ensure everyone checks for accuracy of the information beside their name, please initial to indicate it has been reviewed. If there are errors – QECO, years experience – follow the directions on the cover memo. Marg Darling is the contact at the Board Office. Seniority is important in case of surplus and redundancy and may be a determining factor in the transfer process.

It is sign-up time! Staff reps were given a list of the local committees and their mandates, along with application forms. Our committees are in place to assist in setting direction for communication, political action, social events, etc. We need your expertise!

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