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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Friday, October 28th P.A. Day

For elementary teachers, tomorrow’s Professional Activity day is a day designated for classroom related activities such as assessment and evaluation, program development and IEP revision and completion. The day is to be entirely teacher directed.

At the secondary level, this P.A. day is organized by the Curriculum Department. It is to focus on school improvement planning, SMART goals, the Ontario e-Learning Resource Bank, the 3-part literacy lesson, reading strategies and the gradual release model.

OECTA Beginning Teachers’Conference

OECTA’s Beginning Teachers’ Conference is being held on February 23- 25 in Toronto. Keynote speakers at the conference will include Dr. Jane Bluestein, author, classroom teacher & crisis intervention counselor, as well as Joanne Cave, founder of Ophelia's Voice, speaking about Educating the Next Generation of Leaders. Teachers who are in their first five years of teaching who are interested in attending the conference are asked to call the Unit Office. Selection of unit and provincially-sponsored delegates is to be completed by mid-November. There are spots for Secondary, Elementary and Occasional teachers.

2012 Annual General Meeting

OECTA’s Annual General Meeting is being held in Windsor, Ontario. It will take place on the first weekend of the March break, from March 10th through to March 12th. Eastern Unit is allotted 16 delegates to the A.G.M. and spots tend to fill quickly. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, please contact the Unit Office to submit your name.

Personal Leave Days

Teachers may be granted up to two (2) days per school year for urgent personal reasons provided the teacher notifies his or her immediate supervisor as soon as possible before the leave is to be taken. This leave is deducted from sick leave. Teachers are not obliged to explain the reason for a personal leave day to their administration. The explanation that the need for the personal day is “urgent and personal” is sufficient.

Personal Leave days may not be taken immediately preceding or following a statutory holiday or a vacation unless a legitimate reason is given and accepted by the Director of Education or the Director of Education’s designate.

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