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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Friday, November 9, 2012

Medical/ Dental Appointments

The Board has informed OECTA that they will now recognize that teachers’ medical/dental appointments, that were previously deducted from sick leave, will now be deducted from the five additional days (over and above the yearly ten sick day entitlement.) For teachers who have had absences due to medical/dental appointments, please ensure that you have not been deducted any sick leave days for these absences. If you have, contact Human Resources to have the deduction corrected. To be clear, teachers have 5 days over and above the 10 days of sick leave, at 100% of salary, that can be used for a combination of medical/dental appointments, two personal days, professional or personal reasons subject to the approval of the Director. As well, teachers who wish to attend a conference longer than two days in length may access these five days in addition to two professional activity leave days (for which there are no deductions) in order to attend. The question of the use of the five days to care for family members is now in ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution.)

Chronic and On-Going Medical Conditions

Do you have a chronic, re-occurring or on-going medical condition? If you do, and this condition results in absences and you’ve used up your ten yearly sick leave days, then these days should qualify for 90% under the Short Term Leave Disability Plan. For example, a teacher who suffers from migraine headaches will be able to contact the STDLP adjudicator, to pre-establish the existence of the condition, so that, should the teacher have absences beyond their 10 sick days that are due to migraines, these absences are paid out at 90% and not at 66.67% of pay, even though the absences may not span five days or more. Similarly, if a teacher is undergoing on-going treatment for a medical condition, absences connected to this condition, if the yearly 10 sick days have been used up, should be paid out at 90%.

At this time, since the adjudication process is not yet in place, teachers who think they may go beyond their 10 days of yearly sick leave should have a Board medical certificate filled out by their doctor to indicate that they may be absent from time to time due to the medical condition. The adjudication process will not likely be up and running before January.

Ontario Liberal Party Leadership Convention

It has been determined that the convention to elect the new Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party will be held at Ryerson's Mattamy Athletic Centre, Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto on the weekend of Friday, January 25, 2013. The convention will be a delegated event. Delegates to the convention must be members <https://contribute.ontarioliberal.ca/home/join> of the Ontario Liberal Party no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 23rd.

Only those party members who are elected as delegates at local riding Leadership Election Meetings on Saturday, January 12th and Sunday, January 13th will be eligible to vote for the new Leader. Teachers who are currently Liberal Party members, or those who wish to become members, are encouraged to consider attending the convention as delegates.

Those who may have cancelled or allowed their membership to lapse, can join the party (membership fee is $10) by signing up at: http://www.ontarioliberal.ca/leadership.

As is always the case, OECTA supports the involvement of members in the political party of their choice. It is through active participation in the political process that members have the opportunity to shape the policies and election platforms of political parties.

Convention fees are considered donations to the party and are subject to normal political contribution limits ($9,300 annually per person/union). Rates have been set at: $499 for “early bird delegates (youth/senior $249);” $599 after the “early bird” deadline (youth/senior $349) and $1,000 for observers.

Every Teacher Project

The Every Teacher project is a national study designed to identify and make widely available the collective expertise that exists among Canadian teachers on inclusive education practices for sexual and gender minority students. This study will shed light on what educators think about the climate of Canada’s schools for LGBTQ students; which approaches for inclusion of these students seem to work, and in what contexts, and which don’t; what supports educators in doing this work, and what holds us back.

Every teacher organization in English Canada has enthusiastically agreed to support this project. Teachers across the country are moving strongly to improve the school climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two Spirit, or questioning (LGBTQ) students; students with LGBTQ parents; heterosexual students who are also homophobically bullied; and the 58 per cent of heterosexual students who are distressed by homophobic elements that can exist in school culture.

OECTA members are encouraged to participate. To participate go to http://fluidsurveys.com/s/every-teacher-survey/?collector=3108


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