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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Friday, November 12

Usage of Point Form on Progress Reports

We have received a few calls at the Unit Office about whether or not point form was okay for teachers to use when writing comments on the progress reports. The Ministry of Education has said that they have no issue with using point form, both in training sessions during the question and answer periods, and in writing, when posed the question directly.

Below is copied for you the correspondence between Diane Newman from our PD department at OECTA Provincial Office, and John Ryall, manager of the branch of the Ministry responsible for Growing Success.

Though most teachers will likely be writing their comments in sentence form, for the few that feel that point form is a very clear and effective way of getting the message across, this avenue is open. A teachers’ professional discretion in selecting the most effective form of written communication when completing progress reports ought to be respected, given that the Ministry has no problem with writing in point form.

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From a ministry perspective point form is ok _ we had no mandate either way as long as they are clear meaningful and persoalized amd parent friendly.
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----- Original Message -----
From: Diane.Newman <d.newman@oecta.on.ca>
To: Ryall, John (EDU)
Sent: Wed Nov 10 14:04:07 2010
Subject: Point form comments

Hi John
How are you? In the Spring training sessions we were told the progress reports could be done in point form. It was also in the first Q and A but I cannot find any reference to this I writing on the current Q and A. Can you clarify.


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