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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catholic Education Coalition Symposium
Two hundred and fifty Catholic education partners from across the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario gathered on Thursday, November 10th in Kemptville. The purpose of the day was to provide an opportunity to begin plans to build Regional Catholic Education Coalitions so that they might share with the wider community that Catholic education is an “enduring gift”.

Bishop Crosby, bishop of St. George’s and Labrador City – Schefferville, spoke about the demise of publicly funded Catholic education in Newfoundland. Bishop Durocher, Cornwall – Alexandria, spoke about the mission of the church and the Catholic school. Participants then met as regional groups to make a start on plans to spread the word about Catholic education, and our “mission”, to the wider community.

Unit General Meeting/Staff Rep Meeting
A reminder that this meeting will be held at St. Michael CHS, Kemptville, on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 5 p.m. to update members on local and provincial issues and initiatives, as well as the collective agreement, and to deal with the auditor’s report and 2005-06 budget. Please RSVP to the Unit Office 1-888-250-3799 today so numbers for a light supper can be calculated.

Bullying Awareness Week – “It’s Cool to Care” November 14 to 20, 2005
Bullying takes many forms and many faces. It does not confine itself to one age group or one gender. It requires all of us to be empathetic, to put ourselves in the “shoes” of others. It also requires all of us to say “I won’t stand by! I will stand up!”

James Matsui and Lang Research conducted a survey on bullying in the spring of 2005 for OSSTF, ETFO and OECTA. The research was conducted with two specific objectives: to establish the incidence of bullying of members of the three organizations and secondly, to describe bullying incidents from the perspective of their instigation, the nature of the bullying, the reporting of the incidents, actions taken to halt bullying and the outcomes of these actions.

The results released today focus on bullying of members by parents, administrators and colleagues. Results surrounding bullying of members by students was released by OECTA and OSSTF in September. Statistics showed that in 83% of the cases where bullying was reported and action taken, the bullying stopped. Results are published at oecta.on.ca. For resources and activities to use with students, see www.bullying.org.

Contract Update:

If you completed upgrading courses before August 31, 2005 and anticipate a category change, take note of the following information.

Article 6: Definition of Category (QECO)

6.05 A teacher who, between May 1 and August 31 has successfully completed the qualification(s) required for a change in category is entitled to an adjustment in salary as of September 1 of the following school year, provided that the teacher submits to the Board proof of the date of completion of the course and proof of submission from QECO of a teacher’s application for a revised statement. This proof must be submitted no later than December 31.

6.06 Upon receipt by the Director of Education or the Director’s designate of a copy of the written application to QECO acknowledging that a teacher has applied for a category change, the April 30, August 15 and December 31 deadlines will be extended.

Article 47: Professional Development
On days designated as “Professional Development Days” the number of hours teachers are required to be present shall not exceed the number of hours in a regular school day. This shall be prorated for part-time teachers in accordance with the number of hours in the regular school day. Notwithstanding, part-time teachers are encouraged to attend the full Professional Development Day and will be remunerated on a pro-rata basis.

Occasional Teacher Contract Update

Article 13.09

Each Casual Occasional Teacher shall be assigned only the regularly scheduled supervision duties and work load of teachers being substituted.

b) Each Casual Occasional Teacher assigned to the Secondary panel shall be available for one-half of a period on the first day of the assignment, for small group enrichment and/or remediation. Where the preparation needs of the Occasional Teacher’s assignment have been fulfilled, the principal may through mutual agreement with the occasional teacher assign on-call responsibilities during the Occasional Teacher’s scheduled preparation and planning time. On subsequent days of this assignment, other duties may be assigned, as agreed upon by both the Occasional Teacher and the Principal.
Teachers on permanent contract have the right to determine the use of their preparation time, as do occasional teachers who replace us in our classrooms.

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