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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Thursday, November 18, 2004

OECTA The Next Generation

Eastern Unit has been allocated nine places for beginning teachers for this conference which will be held on February 18th and 19th, 2004. Any beginning teacher interested in attending this conference is asked to complete the registration form sent by Provincial Office directly to your school, fax a copy to the Unit Office and to Provincial Office as soon as possible. Applications are received by Provincial Office and here at the Unit on first come first serve basis. Make sure you get your application form in.

OECTA PD Fund Policy

At the November 10 meeting of the Unit Executive a new PD Policy was approved.

The proposed budget allows for $12,000 for individual PD grants for teachers to attend conferences or workshops. The Eastern Unit PD Fund allows for a grant up to $200 for any conference or workshop for which teachers are eligible on an annual basis.

The policy was revised to allow for PD funds to be granted during July and August with an allocation of five grants per month or a $1,000 maximum for each month. Any unused monthly funds will be brought forward to the next month to allow for additional grants if money is available. Likewise, any money not expended at the end of the budget year will be brought forward to provide additional funds for the next school year.

Teachers must apply for PD funding a month before their conference will take place. The application must be in the Friday before the Executive meeting to be considered. Below is the deadline for applications for conference funding for December and January as well as the date of the Executive meeting at which decisions about PD Funding will be made. A list of dates for the remainder of the year will be provided at the General Meeting. Please check the OECTA Website – easternoecta.ca – for the full policy and for the application form.

November 26th , 2004 is the deadline for December and January conferences/workshops to be considered at the December 1 Executive meeting.

Reminder: General Meeting December 1, 2004

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