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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Thursday, November 22, 2012

OECTA Beginning Teacher’s

Conference There are still spaces available for the OECTA Beginning Teachers Conference taking place on February 22 & 23, 2013 at the Toronto Airport Hilton Hotel. We have extended the deadline for application to Friday, November 30th. The theme is Mental Health - Strike a Balance! If you are a beginning teacher in your five first years of teaching call the Unit now to apply: 1-888-250-3799.


Since OECTA is becoming the LTD plan policy holder effective January 1, 2013, any teachers who are currently NOT enrolled in the LTD plan can submit applications for one time special enrollment opportunity. This one-time special enrollment is being offered as result of changes made whereby sick days can no longer be accumulated. The special enrolment period is from December 1st to December 14, 2012. The application can be found on the Provincial OECTA website. All new applicants are subject to the pre-existing condition clause at the time of claim as outlined in the LTD contract. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THE UNIT LTD PLAN, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. This does not apply to Occasional or Continuing Education teachers.

The M.O.U. and Retirement Gratuities

The M.O.U. states that teachers who are still eligible for a retirement gratuity shall, on retirement, have their retirement gratuity paid out based on their years of experience, accumulated sick day bank, and salary as of August 31st, 2012. Some of our teachers from the predecessor boards of LLG and Prescott-Russell are still eligible for retirement gratuities (as are a couple of teachers from SDG who transferred to the Board in 1995 under Bill 30.)

The LLG and Prescott-Russell retirement gratuities are structured differently and so are affected differently by the MOU. With Prescott-Russell, the percentage payout increases by 2% for every additional year of service from 12 years to 30 years of service. Years experience are now frozen at the August 31st, 2012 level and can no longer increase for the purpose of retirement gratuity. The LLG retirement gratuity has no such grid. Teachers hired prior to September 1, 1985 are eligible for 50% of their August 31, 2012 sick bank subject to the conditions inAppendix “C” of the collective agreement. Teachers hired on or after September 1, 1985 are limited to the lesser of $20,000 or 50% of their accumulated sick leave bank.

In the last two weeks, teachers should have received an email, subject line, “Letter” from the school board informing them of their entitlement to a retirement gratuity. The letter states their August 31st, 2012 salary and the number of sick days banked as of that date. These, as well as years teaching experience with the board and its predecessors as of that date, are to be used, on retirement, for retirement gratuity calculation purposes. A copy of the email is to be placed in the teachers’ personnel file. PLEASE SCRUTINIZE THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Teachers who are on a part-time or full-time leave of absence should have their full salary (as if 1.0 F.T.E.) recognized for retirement gratuity purposes. Also, teachers with a responsibility allowance should have their responsibility allowance included in their salary for the purpose of retirement gratuity calculation. If there are errors in the information sent to you, please send a letter explaining the error and requesting a correction and that a revised letter be sent to you and placed in your personnel file. Ensure that the Board received your letter and keep a copy of it and the verification of receipt for your files.

Local Collective Bargaining Updates

Permanent Teacher Bargaining

Unit We have had two days for permanent teacher collective bargaining so far, on October 24th and on November 14th. We are scheduled again to meet on Friday, November 23rd, and have further dates on December 4th and 14th. On the first day, ground rules were agreed to, initial proposals were exchanged, and rationale for the proposed changes was shared. The second day saw a large number of housekeeping items signed off. Catholic Boards across the province, including ours, are reticent to embed or append the M.O.U. claiming they are not signatories to the agreement and therefore only bound by the Bill 115 legislation and PPM’s (Program and Policy Memoranda.) Our understanding is that the Ministry will, on review of local agreements, append the document.

Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit

There have been three days of occasional teacher collective bargaining, on October 24th, November 24th and 25th. A great deal of progress has been made, and we are hopeful that with one more day of bargaining a deal may be reached. The next day of bargaining is scheduled for December 6th.

By legislation, local collective bargaining must be concluded by December 31st, 2012. So please expect that ratification meetings for both bargaining units will be held prior to that date. We recognize that just before Christmas is not the ideal time for such a meeting, but the timing is out of our hands. OECTA is monitoring the outcome of provincial bargaining for other affiliates, most notably, OSSTF recently, and analyzing how their agreements might affect our own because of the “me too” clause. We’ll keep you updated!

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