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E a s t e r n   U p d a t e - Wednesday December 19. 2007


Inclement Weather

Over the past two days a number of calls have been made to the Unit Office inquiring about the application of Article  41.03 which deals with inclement weather days.

The clause states the following:


In the event that bus transportation is cancelled due to inclement weather but schools remain open, teachers will make a reasonable effort to report  to the school.

The clause is very clear in intent by virtue of both contract language and past practice. Teachers are to make a reasonable effort to go to their school, however if in the estimation of a teacher it is unsafe to travel to work, then this provision and past practice ensures that there is no salary or sick leave deducted.

As professionals, it is understood that teachers would not take advantage of this clause – particularly those who do live in close proximity to their school. However, it is the teacher alone who must decide on whether it is safe to drive in stormy conditions. No teacher should be pressured by any administrator to travel to school during inclement weather.

As was highlighted in the Eastern Update issued on December 5th, the practice over the past two years has been for a teacher to sign a form indicating that they were absent from school due to inclement weather.  Teachers should sign this form and submit it to the school secretary to ensure that sick leave credits are not deducted for an absence related to inclement weather.  

For Occasional Teachers, when buses are cancelled due to inclement weather (which can be confirmed on the Board’s website), the teacher is not to report to the school.  The assignment is deemed cancelled.  (This does not apply to Long Term Occasional teachers.)



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