OECTA Logo "Recognizing our uniqueness as teachers in Catholic Schools, we are an Association committed to the advancement of Catholic education. As teacher advocates we provide professional services, support, protection and leadership."
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PDF Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministy of Education and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association - July 5th, 2012

pdf Memorandum of Understanding Questions and Answers


Local Publications

Permanent Teachers’ Collective Agreement
2014 - 2017
View here.

Summary of Locally Negotiated Changes to the Permanent Teacher’s Collective Agreement, 2012-2014
View here.

Occasional Teachers’ Collective Agreement
2014 – 2017
View here.

Summary Page-OT CA Renewal
View here.

Group Benefit Plan
View here.

Eastern Update:

Eastern Updates are local one page newsletters designed to inform members of emerging issues, PD events, contractual issues and other pertinent information.

Collective Bargaining Newsletter

This newsletter is issued when the bargaining unit is undergoing negotiations. It is designed to keep members informed on bargaining issues and progress.

OECTA Provincial Publications

Provincial OECTA has a number of publications informing members of the position of the Association on issues and political policies. These publications also assist teachers professionally relative to their role as a teacher and professional colleague.

OTF – Ontario Teachers Federation

All of the teacher affiliates within Ontario – OECTA, AEFO, ETFO and OSSTF are all members of the Ontario Teachers Federation. OTF represents and speaks for the 130,000 teachers of Ontario. OTF is the pension partner and fulfills a critical role on behalf of teachers when dealing with the Government. OTF also has a very effective on-line resource for beginning teachers. Log on to the OTF website for access to their newsletter and other information pertinent to the well being of teachers www.otffeo.on.ca.

Canadian Teachers Federation

CTF represents the 240,000 teachers of Canada. A number of resources are available from CTF. Check out the CTF website for further information about CTF programs and resources as well as information about ordering publications: www.ctf-fce.ca.

Education International Publications

Education International is the global federation representing 210 member organizations and 30 million elementary, secondary and post-secondary teachers. EI has an electronic newsletter which highlights the work of Education International in addressing issues pertaining to the status and rights of teachers and public education throughout the world.

Log on to http://www.ei-ie.org for more information about EI and access to their electronic newsletter.




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