Local Committees

We aim for our committees to address the specific needs and interests of our members. In addition, teachers that join committees have the opportunity to work with their peers and meet other teachers from around the Board.

Members of each committee are selected by the Executive from the teacher applications and they make every effort to select members that balance representation by region and panel. Committee meetings occur approximately three times a year and are usually held at the Unit office during the school day (with release). Mileage is covered from the teacher’s school for a round trip to the Unit office.

Beginning Teachers

Provides professional development support to beginning teachers and fosters two-way communication between the Committee and members that are new to the teaching profession.

Members: Michael Scott, Pamela Lockhart, Garry Curtis

Professional Development Committee

Assesses the professional development program needs of our members, assists in developing a plan to fulfill these needs, and promotes professional development and wellness opportunities within our Unit.

Members: Julie Coligan, Michael Scott, Rob D’Alessio, Natalie Trottier

Political Action Committee

Promotes the teaching profession and Catholic education and informs teachers of trustee and local candidate’s philosophies related to education during applicable elections.

Members: Yvonne Bakker, Rob D’Alessio, Norm Evans

Collective Bargaining Committee

Surveys the membership to identify local bargaining priorities for the next round of negotiations and uses findings to draft the initial proposal.

Members: Kristy Tait-Angel, Steve Dionne, Jim Roy, Josee Lemieux-Bailey, Norm Evans, Mike Hamilton

Elementary Staffing Committee

Responsible for analyzing elementary staffing data, monitoring compliance with various elementary panel Central and Local Collective Agreement articles, and advising the Unit representatives of the Joint Board Staffing Committee.

Members: Janice Thibault-Page, Debbie Rutherford, Trish Wouters, Julie Coligan

Secondary Staffing Committee

Responsible for analyzing and advising on secondary staffing and workload issues arising from Central and Local Collective Agreement articles and Board initiatives. This Committee advises on and provides updates from the Unit representatives to the Joint Board Staffing Committee.

Members: Jim Roy, Michael Scott, Natalie Trottier, Rob D’Alessio

Occasional Teachers' Committee

Members:OT Representative: Yvonne Bakker, Secretary: Ann McGahey, Treasurer: Angela Bingley, Members at Large: Steve Kirby, Penny Huntley, Sandra Stewart

SERT Roles and Responsibilities

Discusses the roles and responsibilities of Special Education Resource Teachers to identify and encourage best practices.

Members: Diana Allan, Melissa Bingley, Colleen Donovan, Rebecca Kennedy, Jennifer Toye, Jim Roy

Elections Committee

Oversees local unit elections.

Members: Ann McGahey – Chair, Melissa Bingley, Julie Coligan, Penny Huntley

Communications Committee

Informs and educates Members about relevant trends and events, promotes Member engagement and maintains and updates our social media platforms.

Members: Angela Bingley, Melissa Bingley, Louise LeClair Stein, Kristy Tait Angel

Status of Women

Examines issues and concerns of women and promotes their well being and engagement.

Members: Kristy Tait Angel, Louise LeClair Stein, Angela Bingley, Anna Rowe